Nove knjige u Knjižnici

Naslov: Chemical Oceanography
Autor(i): Frank J. Millero
Izdavač: CRC Press
Godina izdanja: 2013
ISBN: 9781466512498
O knjizi: Sadržaj - 1. Descriptive oceanography ; 2. Composition of the major components of seawater ; 3. Minor elements in seawater ; 4. Ionic interactions ; 5. Atmospheric chemistry ; 6. Dissolved gases other than CO2 ; 7. The carbonate system ; 8. Micronutrients in the oceans ; 9. Primary production in the oceans ; 10. Processes in the oceans.

Naslov: On twenty-first century climate classification: European multiregional analysis
Autor(i): Ferenc Acs
Izdavač: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Godina izdanja: 2017
ISBN: 9786202003025
O knjizi: Climate classification is an everlasting subject. It is not only of interest nowadays, but was even a subject in the times of the Ancient Greeks. The spectrum of methods used is broad, but the most popular methods are the generic methods established by Köppen and Thornthwaite in the first part of the twentieth century. In this book, the focus is on Feddema’s revised Thornthwaite-type method. This method is extensively tested through an investigation of the European region’s climate during the course of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries using observed and projected data. The study contains a brief description of the evolution of the generic methods and the possible investigations related to them, a description of Feddema’s method and the latest results from research into climate and climate change in the European region and its various sub-regions. The subject can be of interest for both students and professionals studying or working in fields related to climate and climate change – meteorology, climatology, geography, geology, biogeography, ecology, and environmental sciences. The book may also be used as a textbook.

Naslov: Urban climates
Autor(i): T.R. Oke, G. Mills, A. Christen, J.A. Voogt
Izdavač: Cambridge University Press
Godina izdanja: 2017
ISBN: 9781107429536
O knjizi:
Urban Climates is the first full synthesis of modern scientific and applied research on urban climates. The book begins with an outline of what constitutes an urban ecosystem. It develops a comprehensive terminology for the subject using scale and surface classification as key constructs. It explains the physical principles governing the creation of distinct urban climates, such as airflow around buildings, the heat island, precipitation modification and air pollution, and it then illustrates how this knowledge can be applied to moderate the undesirable consequences of urban development and help create more sustainable and resilient cities. With urban climate science now a fully-fledged field, this timely book fulfills the need to bring together the disparate parts of climate research on cities into a coherent framework. It is an ideal resource for students and researchers in fields such as climatology, urban hydrology, air quality, environmental engineering and urban design.

Naslov: Python za znatiželjne
Autor(i): Zoran Kalafatić, Antonio Pošćić, Siniša Šegvić, Julijan Šribar
Izdavač: Element
Godina izdanja: 2016
ISBN: 9789531976275
O knjizi:
Python za znatiželjne svima zainteresiranima otvara vrata u svijet suvremenoga i moćnoga programskog jezika Pythona te ih pritom upoznaje i s njegovim složenijim, konkretnim mogućnostima i primjenama u raznim područjima života.
Programiranje se u knjizi uvodi od vrha prema dnu: polazeći od zadataka primjerene težine, a pri njihovom se rješavanju koristimo mogućnostima koje pružaju standardna biblioteka i sam jezik. Ova je knjiga zato koncipirana tako da bude korisna literatura programerima (i onima koji će to tek postati) s različitim predznanjima, uključujući samouke entuzijaste, studente, istraživače te inženjere računarstva i ostalih tehničkih područja. Knjiga ne pretpostavlja posebna predznanja o programiranju, ali u isto vrijeme ni ne bježi od naprednih tema. Stoga se može čitati na dva načina: kao uvod u programiranje i kao detaljni pregled izražajnih mogućnosti Pythona.

Naslov: Fundamentals of seismic wave propagation
Autor(i): Chris Chapman
Izdavač: Cambridge University Press
Godina izdanja: 2004
ISBN: 052181538X
O knjizi:
Fundamentals of Seismic Wave Propagation presents a comprehensive introduction to the propagation of high-frequency body-waves in elastodynamics. The theory of seismic wave propagation in acoustic, elastic and anisotropic media is developed to allow seismic waves to be modelled in complex, realistic three-dimensional Earth models. This book provides a consistent and thorough development of modelling methods widely used in elastic wave propagation ranging from the whole Earth, through regional and crustal seismology, exploration seismics to borehole seismics, sonics and ultrasonics. Particular emphasis is placed on developing a consistent notation and approach throughout, which highlights similarities and allows more complicated methods and extensions to be developed without difficulty. This book is intended as a text for graduate courses in theoretical seismology, and as a reference for all academic and industrial seismologists using numerical modelling methods. Exercises and suggestions for further reading are included in each chapter.

Naslov: Principles of biostatistics
Autor(i): Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau
Izdavač: Duxbury Press
Godina izdanja: 1993
ISBN: 0534140696
O knjizi:
This introduction to biostatistics offers health science students with limited math and statistics backgrounds a conceptually-based introduction to statistical procedures that will prepare them to conduct or evaluate research in biological and health sciences. Enthusiasm for the material will quickly spread to the reader from the author. The author's appealing writing style makes users of the text forget it is math. Students are encouraged to use common sense rather than rigorous theory to gain an understanding of statistics..The authors rely heavily on graphics to illustrate material and incorporate the use of computers to facilitate doing computations so students can concentrate on concepts. Quantitative principles discussed include descriptive statistics, life tables, probability, hypothesis testing, parameter estimation, regression (linear and logistic) correlation, survival analysis, analysis of variance, and more.